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What to do in Cap d’Agde : cultural visits and discoveries

Do not know what to see or what to see in Cap d’Agde? Here are many ideas of visits and cultural discoveries around Agde.

Grau d’Agde

Small typical village that lives to the rhythm of fishing and the pleasure of the beach. You will be able to get there on foot from the campsite sandy 20 minutes walk or only 5 minutes by bike. In season, a passenger service ensures a direct nautical connection with the other bank of the Hérault la tamarissiere.

Cap d’Agde

7 sandy beaches, punctuated by cliffs of basalts, rocky islets and seabed to explore. The harbor is the lively heart of Cap d’Agde with its lively quays and small squares. Throughout the season, Cap d’Agde lives up to the rhythm of sport, festivities and the Mediterranean.

The city of Agde

At the crossroads of the fresh and salt waters, where the river Hérault and the Canal du Midi meet the Mediterranean, Agde is a city rich with 2,600 years of history to discover along the narrow shopping streets and shaded walks

Saint Guilhem Le Désert

Located in the Herault, 45 minutes from Agde this medieval village is worth a visit! Enjoy this walk to make a splash from the famous bridge devil and picnic by the river. Possibility of beautiful walks for hikers and magnificent descent in canoe kayak along the Georges de l’herault.Your trip will allow you to also visit the cave of Clamouse.


At 20 minutes from Agde at the crossroads of the beaches of the Lower Languedoc and the hinterland of the Hérault, City of fairs, city of States, it was a favorite place of residence for Molière and its Illustrious Theater. Historic remains the charm of its 17th and 18th century mansions, its cobbled streets and its numerous 16th century bourgeois houses. Its religious heritage is also worthy of interest: the former chapel of the penitents noirs, the former chapel The Convent of the Ursulines and the Collegiate Church of St. John are visited.

The Museum of the Ephebe

In the pine forest of Cap d’Agde, this museum of underwater archeology presents the most important French collection of antique bronzes


Only 30 kilometers from Cap d’Agde, come and visit the town and the harbor of “L’île Singulière”. Prepare your getaway and discover the gastronomic and cultural heritage Sétois.
The town of Sète, in the country of Thau, welcomes you to the edge of the Mediterranean. Discover the port of Sète with 12 kilometers of beach. Admire the comings and goings of mini cruises on the canals.
During the walk, look at the patinated façades of the artists’ studios of Sète. Taste the specialties of the soil and let yourself be lulled by the art of living in La Sétoise.
10 festivals, 4 museums, tournaments and other activities are there to entertain you.

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